Horvat & Zebec
& Bajsić Bogović

Headquarters: Zagreb, Petrinjska 51
Office Varaždin: Supilova 7 b
Office Čakovec: Luje Bezeredija 17

About us

The Law Firm Horvat & Zebec & Bajsić Bogović initially started work in the area of law as ‘Tihomir Zebec and Kristijan Horvat: Legal Partners’ in 2008, with a goal of providing high-quality comprehensive legal assistance and asserting the rights and interests of natural and legal entities. Over the years this area of professional legal assistance has expanded, and this resulted in the incorporation of the current incarnation of our Law Firm in 2018.

The Law Firm Horvat & Zebec & Bajsić Bogović provides high quality legal solutions through representation services that aim to achieve our clients’ optimal goals. Such an approach provides clients of the Law Firm Horvat & Zebec & Bajsić Bogović complete satisfaction and a professional method of resolution of any legal issues that may have arisen. Providing the highest quality of legal representation and services in every sector, in accordance with all standard provision standards, is the ultimate goal of the Law Firm Horvat & Zebec & Bajsić Bogović which has led to a steady increase in the number of clients seeking the assurance and diligence provided by our optimal-advocacy solutions.

Members and staff of the Law Firm Horvat & Zebec & Bajsić Bogović regularly participate in seminars that provide continuous training for legal counsellors seeking a highly-dynamic and wide-ranging understanding of legal regulations governing all sectors of the legal profession. This approach provides our clients with the security of high-quality, timely and rapid advocacy services.

What is special about the Law Firm Horvat & Zebec & Bajsić Bogović is the proficiency in foreign languages mastered by its members and employees, which includes one member of our Law Firm being qualified as Licensed German Court Interpreter who deals with most of the work involving elements of international disputation. This allows us to provide an unhindered, efficient and optimised environment in which we can provide legal representation services for clients from foreign countries in addition to domestic clients that require communication with international litigants.


  • Banking and Finance
  • Enforcement and Insurance Procedures
  • Employment Law and Labor Law Disputes
  • Contractual Law
  • Property and Construction Law
  • Regulatory Relations
  • Dispute, Arbitration and Conciliation Settlements
  • Debt Collection
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings and Enforcement
  • Family Law
  • Sporting Law
  • Company and Commercial Law
  • Protecting Intellectual Property Law and Media Rights
  • Land Registry Law
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Administrative Law
  • Commercial Violations
  • Incorporating Companies
  • Criminal and Administrative Procedural Representation


Kristijan Horvat

Partner Lawyer

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Tihomir Zebec

Partner Lawyer

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Kristina Bajsić Bogović

Partner Lawyer

Learn More Zvonimir Zebec

Lawyer and Licensed Court Interpreter for the German and Serbian Languages


Nikica Tadić mag.iur.

Trainee Lawyer

Sanja Mikolaj mag.iur.

Trainee Lawyer

Iva Barunčić mag.iur.

Trainee Lawyer
Licensed Court Interpreter for the German


Headquarters: Zagreb, Petrinjska 51
Office Varaždin, Supilova 7/b
Office Čakovec, Luje Bezeredija 17

IBAN: HR7724840081135097522
VAT: 80647216109

Tel: 042/201-022 Fax: 042/201-092

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