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Horvat & Zebec & Bajsić Bogović

Headquarters: Zagreb, Petrinjska 51
Office Varaždin: Supilova 7/b
Office Čakovec: Luje Bezeredija 17
About Us

About Us

What makes our law firm the right choice for your legal issues?

Seeking legal help can be a stressful situation, especially for those who have not encountered legal issues often or have had bad experiences with lengthy and expensive procedures. Do not give up the fight for your rights and legal protection - our law firm is committed to simplifying the procedure, as well as your life and business.



  • Banking and finance
  • Collection of receivables
  • Relations with regulators
  • Establishment of companies
  • Commercial law and company law
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Enforcement proceedings and insurance proceedings
  • Bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy proceedings
  • Offenses in the economy
  • Labor law and labor disputes
  • Family law
  • Sports law
  • Real law and law in construction
  • Contract law
  • Administrative Law
  • Representation in administrative and criminal proceedings
  • Protection of intellectual property rights and media law
  • Protection of personal data
  • Land registry law